Say bye bye to those bloated, overcomplicated A/B testing tools. Now you've got the EASIEST A/B split testing & conversion tracking software:

Run Unlimited A/B Split Tests On Unlimited Domains, Easily Track Conversions Across Your ENTIRE Sales Funnel, Track How Well Each Of Your Traffic Source Converts On Your Funnel...

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Hi there,

Have you ever tried driving BLINDFOLDED? It's dangerous and downright dumb.

And selling your products online WITHOUT tracking conversions across your sales funnel is just like driving blindfolded.

You don't know what works and what doesn't. And if your sales suck, you don't know where to fix it and which step is the bottleneck. Even if your sales are great, you still don't know how to improve.

Frankly, I think it's just business suicide.

But I've seen too many online marketers not tracking their sales funnel. And it's not their faults either.

The problem is...

Tracking conversions across your entire sales funnel (and see how well each step of your funnel, like your squeeze page or your sales page or your upsell page, converts) is damn hard...

Have you ever tried setting up conversion tracking for your funnel in Google Analytics?

If you haven't, here's a guide for setting it up...

I printed it out once, and it was like 18 pages. My head was spinning.

Compare that to how easy it is to track conversions for every step of your funnel with 3 Minute Optimizer: (for example, you can track opt-in rate for your squeeze page, conversion rate on your sales page, upsell take rate, downsell take rate... all at the same time. And get it all set up in less than 3 minutes.)

Click below to watch the demo video:

It's a breeze to set up conversion tracking with 3 Minute Optimizer compared to Google Analytics or any other analytics tool out there, isn't it?

You just fill in a few simple URLs. And voila, 3 Minute Optimizer sets everything up for you: You now have conversion tracking set up across your entire funnel...

No more confusion. No more feeling overwhelmed.

It gets you going fast. And it's really important that YOU take that first step toward tracking & testing your sales funnel properly.

Now you can see IN REAL TIME how many unique visitors arrive on your landing page... how many opt-ins you get and what your opt-in rate is, how many sales you get and your sales page's conversion rate... how many upsells you get and your upsell take rate...

All from a clear, straightforward interface.

Once you're hooked and see firsthand how tracking & testing can improve your sales & revenue, you'll be spending more time and effort optimizing your funnel.

And this optimization effort would translate to even more sales & revenue.

Quite a pleasant vicious circle, don't you think?


Easily Tracks The Performance Of Each Of Your Traffic Source: See How They Convert For Each Step Of Your Entire Funnel...

...track FB ads, Adwords ads, banner ads, email campaigns, etc. etc... You name it!

Here's the most embarrassing (and the most damaging) mistake I made in business: I didn't track how each of my traffic source converts on my sales funnel. I didn't know what was working and what was not.

I didn't know how to optimize my advertising campaigns: What campaigns should I get rid of? What campaigns should I double down on?

I was clueless. I was losing money on advertising that didn't work. It was painful.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

With 3 Minute Optimizer, you can now track how well each traffic source converts for each step of your entire sales funnel. Quickly identify what works and what doesn't. So you can focus on the best-performance traffic source. Optimize your marketing, and get more conversions for less advertising cost.

And setting it up is easy and painless. Watch the demo below to see how to get everything set up in 3 minutes or less:


A/B Split Test ANY Landing Page, Opt-In Page, Sales Page In 3 Minutes FLAT! Easy And Painless...

A/B split testing is hands-down the easiest way to increase your conversion rate. Everybody knows it. Everybody talks about it. But almost nobody does it.

The problem is: It's an absolute nightmare to set up even a simple A/B split test with all the split testing tools out there. Clunky. Hard to use. Takes forever to load.

I still remember when I was forced to use those fancy A/B testing tools, their interface is so painfully slow and so cluttered I didn't even know where to start. Literally took me 45 minutes to set up one test.

I think it's because they're trying to be everything to everyone. And the result is: The software becomes overblown and complicated. And for people like you and me, online marketers & small business owners, we suffer.

But you know what the worst thing is: For me at least, their fancy code BROKE my website. So I was running an A/B split test for my landing pages, and I noticed I got no sales that day which was unusual. So I went on my website to find out what really happened. And to my horror, the code from the A/B testing tool I used showed a BLANK page to all my visitors.

Lost sales. Lost revenue. Angry customers. My worst nightmare just came true.

But you don't have to go through the same thing I did. Now you've got 3 Minute Optimizer. Watch how easy it is to set up an A/B split test with 3 Minute Optimizer:

It takes 3 minutes or less to set up an A/B split test. Fast and straightforward.

No more confusion. No more distraction. 3 Minute Optimizer lets you focus on what matters most: Get your A/B split test up and running. Improve your conversion rate. Boost your sales & revenue.

3 Minute Optimizer Helps YOU Optimize Your Marketing, Boost Your Sales, And Slash Your Advertising Cost...

Instant know your conversion rate for each step of your entire sales funnel:

One simple dashboard shows you everything you need to know about your funnel's performance: See how well your opt-in pages, your sales pages, your upsell pages convert...

Instantly know which traffic source works and which doesn't:

So you can stop wasting money on advertising that doesn't work. And concentrate on the traffic sources that convert...

Increase your conversion rate. Boost sales & revenue:

A/B split testing is the easiest way to optimize your conversion rate. And 3 Minute Optimizer helps you run unlimited A/B split tests, fast and painless...

Get started right away. You don't have to install anything:

3 Minute Optimizer is a web-based software. There's nothing to install. So you can start tracking your funnels & split testing your landing pages IMMEDIATELY.

Try 3 Minute Optimizer Free For 7 Days: Track and A/B test UNLIMITED visitors, for UNLIMITED funnels, on UNLIMITED domains. There's no restriction whatsoever...

Free for 7 days. After that, it's just $19.95 per month. For a small investment, you can track and A/B test unlimited visitors, for unlimited funnels, on unlimited domains!

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